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Recommended Miscellaneous Computer Components

Updated: June 2020

PSU (Power Supply Unit)

There are many good power supply units available; we are unable to list them all. Unfortunately, good power supplies have some non-negligible cost, in other words, good power supplies are usually not cheap.

There are also many more bad than good PSUs on the market, and we are also unable to list all the bad ones.

Here is a short list of recommendations. "Pure Power" PSUs from "Be quiet!" are probably the cheapest good quality units on the market. Seasonic "Core" series is the next cheapest one.

  • Seasonic - Focus Gold, Focus PX/GX/GM, Focus SGX, Prime TX/PX/GX, Core GX/GM/GC
  • Be Quiet - Pure Power, SFX Power (for SFX only), Power Zone, Straight Power, Dark Power


  • two or three monitors with an IPS panel and at least 1:1000 contrast are recommended
  • most VA (PVA, SVA, MVA) panels are slightly inferior, but still acceptable
  • at least 20 inch diagonal size
  • sRGB color space is sufficient
  • matte screen coating (instead of glossy) is recommended
  • VESA mounting with VESA stand is highly recommended


  • full 104 key keyboard is recommended
  • numpadless keyboards are acceptable
  • flat keys are not recommended
  • shallow keys are not recommended
  • contoured keyboard is recommended
  • split keyboard may provide benefits
  • both "mechanical" (more correctly: spring tensioned) and rubber dome keyboards are acceptable
  • PBT plastic keys are usually the best, followed by POM plastic. ABS plastic keys are usually the worst.