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How to Learn Computer Programming

Many people who would like to learn computer programming stumble upon a question: which programming language should they learn first? In search for an answer they encounter many vague recommendations, and soon they find themselves overwhelmed by a pile of information they barely understand. Fortunately, there is a solution. The truth is, simply, the choice of your first programming language does not matter much.

Learning a specific programming language is an easy part of learning computer programming. The hardest part is learning programming concepts. As those concepts are generally the same in all the languages, almost any programming language is suitable for learning them. Any expert programmer will tell you that he knows several programming languages, his first programming language is not the one he uses the most, and, for beginners, the choice of a language is mostly irrelevant.

If the choice of a first programming language is not important, then what is? The answer: the most important thing is that you like programming, you like experimenting with programs, modifying them and tinkering, seeing the results, whether they are expected or unexpected. Curiosity is important. Fun is important. Therefore, it is important to learn from an interesting and engaging tutorial, a tutorial you understand well, and most importantly, a tutorial you like.

As you might have heard, learning computer programming can take a very long time. How long? It is hard to tell, because the learning process can never be completed. Being a computer programmer implies a life-long learning process. Therefore, learning computer programming can take more time or less, depending on how much you want to know, depending on the level of skill and knowledge you would like to attain; months, years, a lifetime.

You should learn computer programming because you like it, and because you find it interesting. Because, you find it interesting to look at lines and circles dancing on the screen; bright colors, puzzling shapes, new ways of thinking. Learn programming because you like making a computer do your bidding. Because, you like to create new and marvelous experiences. You like to explore the endless possibilities of creation that today's computers can offer. Computer programming, by its very nature, is an extremely creative activity. Learn computer programming because you like to create.

Well, there you go, that is all you need to know for a successful start. Don't worry. Don't overthink it. Just begin!

We wish you an interesting journey.