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Simple Graphics [1/14]

Simple Graphics

The given program contains an error. Try to correct it.

It is impossible for the computer to always find out what is wrong. This is such a case, and the error report is not very helpfull.

Hint: the arguments must be separated by commas (,).

Inside an expression, a forward slash symbol signifies a division operation. Therefore, 20 /darkorange means: 20 divided by 'darkorange'.

If you are unable to solve a task, then it is fine to take a look at the solution. But, be sure to make a good effort before revealing the solution. In this exercise, try reading the provided hint again.


    disc(x, 200, 20, /darkorange);

After correcting the error and running the program, add a statement println "x: ", x; just above the disc statement. Then try out the new program.