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Functions [9/9]

This program will turn the disc yellow when the pointer is above the disc.

The user-defined function isInsideDisc accepts three arguments, and returns a value of type bool, indicating whether a given point p is inside a given disc. The signature of this function is:

  • bool isInsideDisc(
    • point2D center,
    • num radius,
    • point2D p
    • )

In the function isInsideDisc, the member function .dist returns the distance between points center and p. This member function was demonstrated in the previous chapter.


(Challenging!) Can you write the function isInsideDisc in an even shorter way, i.e. without the statement block for function body?


fn bool isInsideDisc(point2D center, num radius, point2D p) 
	:: center.dist(p) < radius;