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How to Learn Coding?

Created: 2023/11/26

Learning how to code

Coding is the process of writing many instructions that form a computer program. When the program is run, the provided instructions are executed by the computer. In such a way, the program performs its intended purpose.

To code means to write source code of a computer program. Another name for writing source code is computer programming. The word coding is just a shorter, less precise term for computer programming. In the past, the phrase 'writing source code' was shortened to just the word 'coding'.

The best way to learn how to code is to follow a tutorial or a computer programming course. Since different people have different starting levels of knowledge, it is important that the difficulty of the coding tutorial matches the knowledge level of the learner. This site offers a free coding tutorial for complete beginners. Click here to start the tutorial for beginners.

Some tutorials can get boring because they involve too many text and numbers. To avoid such problems, the coding tutorial should offer lessons based on a lot of colorful computer graphics. Our coding tutorials provide not only computer graphics, but also computer animation and interactivity.

When learning how to code, it is important to be patient, because learning to code requires a lot of time. It usually takes more than a few months before a learner is able to write his first useful computer programs. But, the tutorials on this site allow this time to be shortened, so that learners can start writing their first programs, games and demos after only two weeks of learning.

Learning computer coding can be a very fun and creative activity. It is fun to observe and examine all the various programs that a learner will write. The written programs produce many interesting visual effects when they are displayed on the screen. It is fun to change the source code of programs in various ways so that many different visual effects are produced.

There is no need to wait any further. You can start reading the coding tutorial for beginners now. Click to start the free tutorial.