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How Can I Make a Computer Game?

Created: 2023/11/25

Two monitors on a desk, one showing source code

Computer games are a kind of computer programs. Such programs are written by computer programmers. To make games, you must first learn computer programming.

To make a computer game, you must learn how to write computer programs. This site offers a free computer programming tutorial made specifically for beginners who want to learn computer programming. Click here to start a free computer programming course.

Making computer games also requires knowledge of computer graphics. Two-dimensional graphics must be learned first. 3D computer graphics is much more complex and difficult. Knowing 2D computer graphics is a prerequisite for learning 3D computer graphics.

This site offers a course on computer graphics as a part of the computer programming course. It's much more fun to learn computer programming while using colorful graphics. This site also allows you to share and show your game to anyone on the Internet, if you desire so.

Learning computer programming is not difficult, but it requires a lot of time. Computer programming is a very fun and creative activity. Most people need a few months of learning before they are able to write some useful programs. But, with our tutorials, you will be able to make your first, simple computer games after less than two weeks of learning.

It is very important that the first game you write is something very simple. Try to imagine a game that has the entire action on a single screen, without scrolling. For example, on one screen, the player controls a red ball and tries to avoid a few blue balls that are moving around him.

Before you can make such a game, you must learn basics of many programming topics, like: iteration, motion, variables, colors, various statements, keyboard control, time, animation, and some others.

This site makes learning programming a very pleasant experience. No need to wait any longer, you can start learning now.